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Class Descriptions


Metabolic Mix Up – Transform your body into a fat burning furnace with dynamic cardiovascular and resistant movements. This class will also give us the opportunity to throw in a few of our other class formats. See the daily announcement board for the next day “Mix Up”.

Bellyfit – A fun workout combining Belly dance, African Dance, Bollywood, Yoga and Pilates. Recommended for women.

Zumba® Dance and tone your body to heart-thumping Latin inspired music and movements.

X-Challenge – is our gnarliest workout of the week geared toward clients looking to push themselves HARD. Not sure if this is for you? Check in with Marlaina.

Pilates – Pilates or physical Mind Method, is a series of nonimpact exercises to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness.

Cycle Fit –  A low-impact, high-energy, endurance-building challenge. Calorie burning at its best.

CycleSprint – Features the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training through indoor cycling, with a particular focus on core strength. The cycling portion of this class will require segments of maximum effort followed by short rest intervals. There will also be 15 minutes dedicated to midline stabilization through balance and core exercises. Be prepared to WORK in this class!

Women’s Only Lift –  This program is dedicated to teaching weight training technique to the female gym population, in a comfortable training environment. *women’s only training is free to all levels of membership*

Circuit Challenge –  This class consists of circuit style workouts involving both traditional strength exercises, as well as functional movements.

Light Lift – This 30 minute class features high rep, low load, resistance training for the whole body.

Hatha Flow Yoga- A slow, standing, vinyasa flow class. Lots of work with balance, hip openers and body strengthening- specifically for the back and legs. (Beginner- Intermediate)

Restorative Yoga – A class primarily done laying down. Poses are held much longer, paying attention to the breath, and realignment of the spine. (Beginner- Intermediate)

Power Flow Yoga – A fast paced, high intensity class designed to strengthen the entire body with Sun Salutations A & B, standing side angle poses/twists and push-up variations. (Intermediate- Advanced)

Strap Yoga – A class focused on mobility of the back and hips. First, we start with gentle hip and shoulder openers, then progress into much deeper stretches with the help of a yoga strap. Lots of twists and core activation. (Beginner-Intermediate)