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Our tennis memberships include 1 hour per week of tennis court time that you can pre-book for the duration of your membership. Tennis Members looking to book your hour follow this link.

Non-members looking to book court time and/or members looking to book additional court time above and beyond your one hour per week can follow this link.

RecFit Tennis Policy
(Effective January 2, 2017)

* Monthly memberships consist of 4 consecutive weeks
* Member includes a 1 hour block of court time per week
* Weeks begin on Monday and end on Sunday
* Reservations will be booked on the hour Monday-Friday and on the half hour on Weekends
* Reservations are booked in 1 hour blocks
* Advanced booking is permitted to members only
* Advanced bookings can only be made for the duration of your pre-paid tennis membership
* Advanced bookings must be made with the 1 hour block included in your membership
* Advanced bookings cannot be cancelled or rescheduled
* Each member is entitled to ONLY 1 hour of advanced booking per week
*If you wish to book a 2 hour block you will need 2 members
* Additional tennis court time may be booked on a weekly basis at the beginning of each week
* Non-Members may book court time on a weekly basis at the beginning of each week
* Additional court time is not limited to 1 hour
* Additional court time will be billed to your account at the time of booking